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KOZHUSHKO Anastasiia. The comparative analysis of the modern innovation strategies in public management
KOSHELEVA Liudmyla. Basic theoretical approaches to determination of public administration
LOZYTSKA Iryna. Implementation of foreign experience in conditions of development of government and public administration
NIKIPELOVA Yevheniia. The genesis of the state policy of national security in Ukraine in the context of the formation of the collective security system in Europe
NOVAK Anatolii. Formation and realization of national anti-corruption policy in the conditions of globalization: modern challenges
PIDBEREZHNYK Nadiia. Conceptual principles of the research investigation of the problems of ethnicity and nation in the context of public administration study(full text)
RUDIK Oleksandr. Public administration reforms in the candidate and potential candidate countries: state of affairs and actual problems
KHUDOBA Oleksandra. Democracy administration of the systemic counteraction to dementia: transnational approaches(full text)


BAZAVLUK Nataliia, RAHIMOV Faih. Mechanisms of public governance by sustainable development of regions in the context of the good governance principles
KANDZIUBA Sergii, SUKHOVA Viktoriia. Foreign experience in use of free software for electronic workflow in public institutions and public authority bodies
KUZNIETSOV Kostiantyn. Improvement of public administration mechanisms in the sphere of financing of the inclusive education system
LEONOVA Olena. Theoretical bases of the functioning of the state regulation mechanisms of the deshadowing of the economy of Ukraine(full text)
MASHNENKOV Kostiantyn. Formation and realization state environmental policy in conditions of the wars of the information epoch
PRYLIPKO Sergii. Innovative development of servicing cooperation of rural areas: public-administrative aspect
SHAPOVALOVA Iryna. Legal status of local government authoritiesin the sphere of human rights observance


ANDRIEIEV Viktor. Formation and development of the institute of civil servant
OSYPOV Dmytro. Peculiarities of professional interests formation among the public servants
PARKHOMENKO-KUTSEVIL Oksana. Personal providing of the system of public administration: historical context


BEZUS Valerii, CHYKARENKO Iryna. Development of city housing and utilities sector and infrastructure: theoretical and framework aspect
KOSTENUK Natalia. Main directions of reformation of the local self-government system in Ukraine based on foreign experience
OVSIANYK Volodymyr. Information in conditions of emergency situations as the basis of successful interaction of authorities