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BASHTANNYK Alla. Features of regulation of the public authorities activity in the conditions of decentralization
KOZAK Viacheslav. Modernization of public administration: a network approach (full text)
MUSTAFAIEVA Elzara. Principles of territorial communities association in the places of compact residence of national minorities in the conditions of decentralization as an integral part of ethno-national policy in Ukraine
NOVAK Anatolii. Realization of state functions in the process of formation of national anti-corruption policy
TVERDOKHLIB Oleksandr. The essence of information fatigue syndrome as negative manifestation of public administrations digitalization
RUDIK Oleksandr. Public administration in the EU member states: key challenges under the reforms


BARYLO Oksana. Information and analysis system as a component of the civil protection administration system in Ukraine
BILOVSKYI Maksym. Regulatory and legal mechanism for implementation of the state energy efficiency and energy conservation policy in Ukraine
HONCHARUK Dmytro, DZIURAKH Yurii. State target bonds in the system of state support of agriculture
ZEITULLAIEVA Elvira. State policy of integration of internally displaced persons into regional communities in the context of support of regions and communities
KLANTSA Andrii. The conditions of ensuring of public health in Ukraine as a component of national security of the state
KOBETS Anatolii, PUHACH Andrii, SHPORTIUK Nataliia. Innovative orientation support regulation of agricultural resource potential of Ukraine
MASHNENKOV Kostiantyn. Law enforcement activities of Ukrainian state authorities during the implementation of the state environmental policy


BORYSOVA Nataliia. The personnel technology of competitive selection for the civil service: traditions and innovations
TARASIUK Iryna. Improvement of the organizational mechanism forming professional culture of personal officers of public authorities


VORONA Petro. Features of the local government of Azerbaijan: experience for Ukraine
KARPA Marta, KITSAK Taras. Competence of the local government officials: peculiarities of the definition
MOKHORT Natalka. Methodological aspects of constructing a model for estimating the dynamics of the development of united territorial communities