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DIACHENKO Andrii. Theoretical basis of the research of the state migration policy: the analysis of the conceptual-categorical apparatus
ZOZULIA Valentyna. Impact of globalization on democratic governance: theoretical and methodological approaches (full text)
KOZAK Viacheslav. Modernization of the public administration system in the process of decentralization: European experience (full text)
LYPOVSKA Nataliia. Social transformations as a component of public management reforms: institutional measurement
PIDBEREZHNYK Nadiia. Foreign experience of public administration of ethno-political processes


BEZZUBKO Larysa, BEZZUBKO Borys. The main state recovery mechanism of Donbas
BOBROVSKA Olena. Mechanism of systematic management of the regions development processes: conceptualization of its design and construction
HLOTOV Borys. European regulatory and legislative principles of the state control of the ethnic and national sphere and their implementation in Ukrainian legislation
DUNAIEV Ihor. Mechanisms for regional economic policy formation within the new normal context
LUKASHOV Oleksandr. Mechanisms of state regulation of strategic development of the region
FEDORCHAK Olha. Investment risks and investment potential of Ukraine: the public-administrative aspect


BOTVINOV Rostyslav. Public service in the National Police of Ukraine: normative and legal conflict
VYTKO Tetana. Assessment of results of activities of public servants in Ukraine
KARPA Marta. Competency-based limits of public service subjects: features of determination
ORLIV Mariana. Development of the Senior Civil Service in the United Kingdom
SHATALOVA Olena.Self-estimation personnel of local government of Ukraine in relations with small groups in the context of professional adaptation


PYSMENNYI Ihor. The phenomenon of social self-organization in Ukraine in the context of the further development of local self-government
TRESHCHOV Myroslav. Local budgets resource supporting in Ukraine in terms of decentralization