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History and theory of Public Administration

BOBROVSKA Olena. Formation of conditions for Ukraine's transition to sustainable (balanced) development: conceptual bases
KARLOV Tymofii. Conceptual approaches to conflict management in the interaction between the authorities and the public: foreign and Ukrainian experience
OBUSHNA Nataliia. Public audit: concept and essence
ROZHDIESTVENSKA Iryna. Changing of relations of state and society: historical and philosophical context
SEMENETS-ORLOVA Inna. Modeling as a method of public management of educational changes

Public Administration Mechanisms

BOTVINOV Rostyslav. The law enforcement activities of public authorities: essence and features
GREBA Roman. Social support persons who are in difficult circumstances as the basis for public-legal models of social services
LEPEKHA Andrii. Principles modernization of public administration fiscal in Ukraine
LOPATCHENKO Inna. Strategic priorities for improving the state mechanism of social orphanhood prevention in Ukraine at the regional level
MASHNENKOV Kostiantyn. The phenomenon of ecotage in state-administrative dimension
MERZLAK Anzhela, BOARIN Yevhenii. Mechanism of public support of youth self-employment: Ukrainian practice and foreign experience
SYDORENKO Nataliia. Internal quality assurance of higher education in Ukraine as social and educational priority (full text)
SHPORTIUK Nataliia, PUHACH Andrii. Public administrative influence on the development, distribution and utilization of labor resources in the agricultural sector
YAKUSHEV Dmytro. Modern trends in environmental policy in Ukraine in the context of sustainable development concept

Civil Service

KUSTOVA Tetiana. Essence and indications of corruption crimes in public service in Ukraine
LYNDYUK Olena. Modernization of the civil service of Ukraine: science approaches
PRYVALOVA Nataliia. Mechanisms of personnel management in civil service system: aspects of staff monitoring realization

Local Self-Government

BORYSENKO Yur. Community-based approach to local development: the essence, the objectives, the special features of the proliferation in Ukraine
VORONA Petro, MOCHKOV Oleksandr. Suggestions for improving the system of local elections on open party lists: the experience of Poltava region
TARASENKO Tetiana. Political responsibility in the system of local government: management aspect