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Theory and History of Public Administration

ALEKSEEV Valeri. Anarchism and Marxism: the confrontation of two socio-political movements in terms of further development of state and society
BAZAVLUK Natalia, BASHTANNYK Vitalii. The implementation of the principle of decentralization in public administration: organizational and legal basis
ZOZULIA Valentyna. Democratic governance in modern western philosophy in 20th 21th centuries
NOVAK Anatolii. The theoretical basis for the study of anti-corruption in the system of public administration
ONUFRIIENKO Oleksii. Phenomenon of recurrence in interaction between civil society and bodies of public administration
STADNYCHENKO etyana. Improvement of the rulemaking activity by the authorities in conditions of public administration modernization
SURA Inna, KARACHENTSEVA Natalia. Factors of quality of legislative activity in Ukraine

Public Administration Mechanisms

BAVOL Tetiana. Optimization of entities providing social services: systematic approach
VERESHCHAK Vasyl. State pension reform as a mechanism to ensure social justice
KVELIASHVILI Iryna. Harmonization of national customs policy with international norms and standards in the field of customs
KULISH Polyna. Improvement of the legal regulation mechanism of the international technical assistance providing in Ukraine in the conditions of decentralisation
KURNOSOV leksandr. Strengthening the role of the state tax policy in socio-economic development of the country
NIKITENKO Serhiy. Specifics of physical education and sports normative and legal regulation in Ukraine
TORHALO Tetiana. Mechanisms for formulation and implementation of regional development projects: the condition of scientific development
FEDORUK Evgenia. Mechanisms of anticrisis management for development of agribusiness logistics of Ukraine
SHVEDUN Viktoriia. Modeling method in estimation of innovative advertising state regulation efficiency

Public Service

SERCHENKO Kateryna. The normative-legal basics functioning system of professional studies and competence for civil servants in Ukraine
KHARLAMOVA Yuliia. Creation complex mechanism of public administration of civil protection service specialists training

Local Self-Government

KOSTINA Nadiia. Adaptation of foreign experience of project activity at local government bodies in Poltava region
MUNKO Anna. The regional development funds as a component of the local finances management system in the conditions of decentralisation (Full text)
TRESHCHOV Myroslav. The implementation of innovative instruments of the local budgets resource support management