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˲Ͳ . : {aladministration: the essence of the term and ways to overcome}(Full text)
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. : {Adaptation profile of official and local government: problems and perspectives} (Full text)
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, . - {Methodological bases of pilot e-course Local government reform and decentralization}(Full text)

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Theory and History of Public Administration

Alekseev Valerii. Theorists of public administration: life stages and scientific work of O. D. Hradovskyi
Gorbyk Oleksandr. State management in the securities market: description of the main concepts
Ehiozaran Artur. The implementation of principles of new public management and good governance in modern western models of public administration
Knyzhnyk Larysa. The retrospective analysis of formation and development of the state audit system in the context of the world experience
Kolisnichenko Natalya. aladministration: the essence of the term and ways to overcome(Full text)
Obushna Natalia. Efficiency and effectiveness management paradigm of modern public administration
Onufriienko Oleksii. Comparative analysis of approaches to classification of forms of interaction between civil society and the state
Sukhenko Volodymyr. Conceptualization of the political and administrative system in the process of the modern state formation
Uzdenova Julia. Theoretical and methodological principles of national security research in spiritual sphere
Shulha Nataliia. The strategy of education development as a tool of the state educational policy in Ukraine

Public Administration Mechanisms

Vlasenko Serhii. Institutional principles and mechanisms of democratic governance in Ukraine
Volyk Viacheslav. Problems of implementation of the current legislation requirements
Harbarynina Vita. Improvement of the organizational and legal mechanism of the public-private partnership policy implementation in Ukraine
Kovalenko Olga. Introduction in state administration of Ukraine of international standards series ISO 9 000 and ISO 10 000
Prytup Olena. Financial assistance in of implementation of the state policy of Ukraine in the field of culture at the regional level
Ryzhenko leksandr. Features of the development of E-governance mechanisms implementation in Ukraine in 2014 2015
Skakalskyi Oleksandr. Ecological monitoring in the system of nature protection activity of the regional authorities

Public Service

Hrainer Yevheniia. A public service model formation in Ukraine: foreign experience adaptation
Kveliashvili Iryna. Foreign experience of outsourcing in public management agencies: prospects for Ukraine
Kuznetsova Mariia. Prerequisites for the modernization of the civil service of Ukraine
Lynduk lena. Professional competence profiles of civil servants as part of the modernization of the civil service
Pysmenny Igor, Lypovska Nataliia. Types of state service: theoretical controversy
Malanchi Mykola. Forming of professional identity of officials of state border service of Ukraine
Chentsov Viktor. International Standards of Customs Administrations Modernization

Local Self-Government

Voinovskyi Mykola. The mechanism of the delegation of powers from local government bodies to the associations of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings
Hluschenko Yuliia. Local government in Ukraine: problems of development and financial support
Shatalova lena. Adaptation profile of official and local government: problems and perspectives(Full text)
Shumliaieva Irna. The formation of systems of territorial organization of power: the experience of the countries of the European Union for Ukraine
Shunkin Maksym. The evolution of the institution of local referendum in Ukraine
Udod Yevgen, Mamatova Tetiana. Methodological bases of pilot E-course Local government reform and decentralization(Full text)